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TouchRetouch APK 2020 – (Fully Unlocked) 4.4.12 Premium Download

TouchRetouch Apk Latest Version:- When any person or object entered your photo and when you see you photo and you don't like it then you must have touchretouch app at this situation. TouchRetouch! is the most useful app for professional photo editors that helps to remove unusual objects from the image. TouchRetouch is a paid app but Here, you can download touchretouch apk for free with license and 100% genuine and working.

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TouchRetouch Apk

This is one and only application for android with which you can remove unwanted objects from the photos. Almost in our every photo, there are some unwanted objects who make our photo slightly inoperable and then you wish that could I remove this useless object from my aesthetic photo so, now your wish will be fulfilled with the help of touch retouch apk.

There are some of the button given in this app that you can make in use in some specific conditions such as if you want to remove a small random object from the image so you can simply hit on the object removal button and then color that useless object but if you want to remove a straight line or wire and a thin straight kind of stuff so you can use the line removal tool. Not only this, there are two more tools present here in the touch retouch app that I am gonna discuss below in the features section.

touchretouch apk free download

More About TouchRetouch

Just put your image into the touchretouch app and then click on of the given button below according to your uses and color the object that you want to remove permanently from the image now guess what gonna happened? “You are right” that something mericle happen and the unwanted object is Extinct from the image.

Features - TouchRetouch Apk

  • Easy to remove unwanted objects from the image in just a second.
  • Color the object and make it extinct.
  • Remove the straight line or wire with the line removal tool.
  • Use a quick removal tool to take away the massive unwanted object quickly.
  • Easy to use, Clean, and simple user interface.
  • Four powerful tools are there to remove your unwanted obstacles from the images.
  • Click on the preview button above the image to take a look back on the original image.
  • Reverse or revise the image anytime because undo and redo options are always there.
  • Adjust the size and picture quality as you want.
  • Change the image format to JPG, PNG, TIFF.

What can TouchRetouch Remove?

TouchRetouch can remove all these type of stuffs or objects:

  • Remove telephone wires and posts, power lines
  • Remove surface breaks and scratches — both straight and curved
  • Remove photobombers
  • Remove pimples and skin blemishes
  • Remove human-made objects like stop lights, street signs, trash cans
  • Remove whatever you feel is spoiling your photos

TouchRetouch Apk

Download TouchRetouch APK

Just click on the download button that you can see below and start editing your photo with touchretouch apk with all the premium features unlocked for free. Download Once & Get it for a lifetime!

APK Name TouchRetouch Apk
Version v4.4.12 [Latest Version]
Size 15 MB
Android Required 5.0 or Higher
Category Photography
Offered By ADVA Soft
Updated On September 28, 2020

Required Android: 5.0 and up

  • Fully Unlocked With all the features.
  • No watermark or logo of touchretouch.
  • Different image formarts supported either in terms of import and export.

The only uses of this is to remove any thing, anybody, and any object from the image.

  • Open the app first.
  • Click on the album andput you image in it.
  • Click on the following tools given below.
  • Color the unwanted object and click on go.

How to Install TouchRetouch Apk in Android?

Pursue the following instructions step by step to successfully download and installed touchretouch app on your smartphone for free.

  • Find the download button and click on it.
  • now, you will see that a new page opens.
  • Here, Click on the download now button again.
  • Then, your downloading will be started.
  • Install the touchretouch apk.
  • Use it and remove unwanted objects from the images for free. Enjoy it!
As the app is now installed then you can make in use all the features of touchretouch app and remove unwanted object from the images.

Enable "unknown sources", go to setting -> security -> unknown sources

What is TouchRetouch Apk?

TouchRetouch Apk Free Download

TouchRetouch is an amazing object removal app for android and ios. Just click on the following tools and then highlight the object that you want to be extinct and that’s it. This app makes it very easy to remove that unwanted object from your photos in just a second. There is no watermark issue and its free to download from here to our website (

This is the best possible way to remove the unwanted object from the images and make your image neat and clean like your face. However, there are lots of tools and options available in this app that you can make in use to according to the unwanted object size, shape, and color. TouchRectouch is a feature-rich combo application to remove any object from the image and when you open this app to remove any kind object from the image believe me you would.

What Permission Does TouchRetouch Requires?

Although all apps that you already have installed in your phone access some your personal information that’s why Before you download touchretouch app, you must have to know that what permissions that this app will access and why.

Storage: This app will access your full storage to modify changes in it or modify the images that you put into this app.

Media: It also has access to your media and gallery files because as you know that this is a photo editing app so it is necessary to has access to media to directly have access to your photos.

User Guide of TouchRetouch

It is very easy to use this app and remove the unwanted object from image. But still i describes the step by step process of the user guidance for touchretouch, so if you don’t know how to use this app then read it:-

Step -1. Put the image into this app just by click on the album or gallery options.

Step -2. On the bottom of the app user interface, you will see that there are four different tools available then you just use the tool according to your requirements (i already describe all the tools uses above).

Step -3. Highlight or color the object that you want to be extinct from the image and then click on the go. that’s it! Now, The unwanted object is no longer in your image.

What’s New on TouchRetouch

  • Fixed an issue that would make the app not respond when launching it on some devices (reproducible on Android 9.0 and higher)
  • Fixed crashes when using the app shortcut menu if no access to storage given (reproducible on Android 7.1 and higher)
  • Fixed UI glitches happening when opening photos by using the Share option after an alert message appears
  • Fixed occasional crashes when opening some photos.


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touchretouch apk download for free
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touchretouch apk download for free
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touchretouch apk free download

Explain TouchRetouch Features in Detail

There are some of the most useful features of touchretouch app:

How To Use TouchRetouch

How to Use TouchRetouch App? It’s very easy to use this app and remove the unwanted useless object from the image in just a second. Open it up, then put your image onto this app just by clicking on the album or gallery button and now choose the given button according to your object, and after that, highlight or color that unwanted object then clicks on go if that button appears. That’s it your photo editing is done, just click on the save button and then adjust the image format and size as your wish then saved it.

Download TouchRetouch Mod APK Latest Version

TouchRetouch Apk

Just click on the download button that you can see below and start editing your photo with touchretouch apk with all the premium features unlocked for free. Download Once & Get it for a lifetime!

User Reviews:

TouchRetouch Apk Aman Chaudhary


i am a youtuber and i am using this app before i've started my youtube channel and i would feel proud to say this touch retouch app is one of the reason form which my channel grow such fast beacuse this app extremely help to create an attractive image with real look it means the image edited by touchretouch is not look like that it is photoshopped or even edited.

TouchRetouch Apk Matthew King


i've never used an app like this before it. TouchRetouch help me to take my image to the level and i am dam sure and it will definitely help you too. I am using a budget smartphone and this app never lags becuase i belive that the optimizatrion is great. Although every photo editors app i use lags on my phone like PixelLab, InShot and Lightroom.

TouchRetouch Apk Mason Smith


If you are a social media influncer like me then touchretouch is the must have application for you. I can erase any object from the image and that feature helps me a lot to create attractive and aesthetic photos for social media.

TouchRetouch Apk Suraj Kumar


This is my primary tool for photo editing becuse there are so other photo editing app available in the market that comes with such feature. I am a logo designer and this app really help me at some situation when i don't have my laptop and i have to create a logo for my client then i use this app to create a beautiful, neat and clean background without any nonsense object and then i send it to my employ and tell him the theme of logo and then he will create the logo. Overall, this is a very helpful application for me.

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FAQs - TouchRetouch APK

    Is touchRetouch a Paid Apk?

  • Ans: Yes of-course, touchretouch is a paid app and if you want to use this app so you have to pay the cost of this app but if you are a student and you don’t have substantial money to spend on an app, then you can download touchretouch for free from here on our website.
  • Can i Download TouchRetouch For Free?

  • Ans: As I told you in an earlier paragraph that this is a paid app but you can download it for free from here, so yes definitely you can easily download and install this app for free.
  • Is TouchRetouch Works with Chinese Phones?

  • Ans: TouchRetouch works with almost 99% of android devices and i am not only talking rather i tests this app on more than 20 smartphones of different companies.
  • Is this TouchRetouch Apk Modded Version?

  • Ans: TouchRectouch Mod Apk is a modified version of this app with which some of the features may not works properly or some of the additional features may be added. But when it comes to this post right here, so this is not the moddded version of touchrectouch that i shared on this post, I’ve shared the original touchrectouch apk made by ADVA Soft, so even if you want to download touchrectouch mod apk then click right here.
  • Can i Use This TouchRetouch App on IOS?

  • Ans: Yes, you can use touchretouch app on ios devices. Below I give a button from which you would be able to download this app on your iPhone or IOS.
  • Is TouchRetouch App Safe to Use?

  • Ans: TouchRetouch successfully passed our security checkup with 100% score. Therefore, No security or safety issues found in this app, so you can use it without any headache of safety issues.

Conclusion or Wrap it Up

I hope you got successfully installed touchretouch apk for free from our link. If you didn’t install this app so don’t be desperate, just read our how to install instructions given above and then try one more, I guarantee you that you will get successfully installed touch retouch apk on your Android smartphone.

Well TouchRetouch is a premium app but everybody don’t have enough money to purchase it, so if you are a student and you don’t have enough money to spend on a app like me, so don’t be sad because here i share you a 100% fully secure downloading link with which you can easily download and use touchretouch for free.

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